What Are Panel Doors?

A panel door is a type of door that consists of panels. These panels can be raised or recessed and may be solid wood or made from other materials. Often they are surrounded by rails, stiles, and mullions. This style is a popular choice for residential and commercial applications.

Structural components

Panel doors are made from many different components. First, the door frame is the main structure that holds the door panel and any sidelights. The frame is made of various materials, including wood, steel, and aluminum. Its main purpose is to allow people to enter and exit a building. The frame also contains a section known as a door panel, which is divided into box-like panels. The panels are placed between the stiles, which are vertical components of the door frame. The panels are held together with 6 panel doors hinges and are adjusted by sliding mechanisms. The frames are made of a variety of materials, and the doors themselves have several types of trim.

The frame and panels are built of five members, including a panel and four frame members, which are called stiles and rails. A basic frame and panel item contains a top rail, bottom rail, and two stiles. However, larger panels are sometimes split into several sections. In this case, the frame is made of four horizontal members and two vertical stiles.


Panel doors are one of the most popular styles of interior doors. They combine panels and rails to create a classic design that is both durable and attractive. These doors are available in both flat and raised panel styles. The raised panel style is crafted using edge cuts, which creates a raised center section and recessed edges.

Panel doors have three main parts: stiles, rails, and panels. Some also feature mullions. Stiles frame the panels and are held in place by rails. Each panel will have a top rail and a bottom rail. Additional mullions and rails are included if there are multiple panels.

Construction methods

There are a variety of construction methods for panel doors. These include mortise and tenon joinery and pocket-hole joinery. In both methods, a panel is fitted into a groove cut into the inside edge of the door frame. Since wood moves most in its width, securing the panel in a groove helps to prevent movement.

One of the most common construction methods involves the use of a shaper. However, many other techniques are just as effective. Other methods include using hand planes, a router table, and a tablesaw. Regardless of the construction method chosen, the panel should be slightly smaller than the frame opening. This is because wood expands in width across its grain. Consequently, a wide panel made of solid wood could change in width by a half-inch or more and possibly warp the door frame. Hence, a panel should be designed to allow expansion without affecting the door frame. As such, a typical panel would allow a 1/4″ (5 mm) of expansion space between itself and the bottom of the groove.


Panel doors are one of the most popular types of doors. They’re both sturdy and attractive. They can be made from four or six panels and are available in both inward and outward openings. Panel doors feature panels shaped into patterns and are available in a range of styles. A single panel door consists of stiles and top and bottom rails.

The cost of interior panel doors varies, but generally ranges from $200 to $300 for a prehung door. However, if you want a more elaborate design, it can cost you anywhere from $500 to a thousand dollars.