Stamps Accessories – Tips For Stamp Collectors

Stamp collecting isn’t complete without the appropriate tools. From tools for calibrating perforations to SAFE pens and traxx, Mintage World has what you need for your stamp collecting hobby. Keep in mind that the market value of a note decreases rapidly with folds, tears, moisture, and external tampering. To maintain the value of your notes, choose the correct stamps and accessories. Here are some tips for stamp collectors.


If you have a passion for collecting stamps, you’ll want to make sure you have the right SAFE stamps accessories. SAFE is a world leader in hingeless stamp albums, offering a superior dual system containing acid-free illustrated pages and fully transparent film stockpages that allow you to see both sides of a stamp. You can also choose from a variety of yearly supplements, hingeless blank pages, and stockpages to complete your collection.

SAFE is a leading manufacturer of collecting systems, with headquarters near¬†postage stamps Reutlingen, Germany, and directly-representatives in 17 countries. The company’s stamps and accessories are designed to be archival and are 100% free of plasticizers and stearates. This makes them suitable for stamp collecting and are also used by high-end dealers for better grade stock. To learn more about SAFE stamps and accessories, visit their website.


TRAXX printers are a well-known manufacturer of marking devices. Although the company is relatively young, it has already achieved global recognition and distribution. TRAXX offers a variety of stamps, from plastic self-inking stamps to heavy-duty metal stamps. Other types of stamps include manual bankers, band stamps, pocketstamps, and office lines. They are committed to developing new products and services that meet the evolving needs of the modern office environment.

Elbe Philatelic Products

There are many types of philatelic products. You can buy philatelic books and supplies for collecting stamps. Some of these products are popular with collectors, while others are only for the hobbyist. For example, you can buy Elbe brand manila card stock pages that come in packs of 100 or individually. They are economical and durable, with 12 rows sized for a single stamp.

Paul Koch founded KABE publishing company in 1917 with his partner Bein. They produced stamp albums, pre-printed albums, and stamp stock books. Paul Koch later sold the company to LEUCHTTURM Albenverlag in Hamburg. After the end of World War II, KABE continued to produce stamp albums and accessories. LEUCHTTURM joined the company in 1948, and continued to produce stamp albums.

Kiloware stamps

If you’re new to collecting kiloware stamps, you may want to know about the various ways to collect them. These stamp albums are inexpensive and allow you to rearrange your collection easily. They can also help you differentiate between similar stamps, as different shades can have a big impact on their value. To purchase kiloware stamps, you should visit a stamp auction house. These sales usually sell items that are of higher value, but you can also find inexpensive, mixed lots at places like Warwick & Warwick.