Peterbilt Trucks Are Built to Last

During the past 80 years, Peterbilt has become a household name among truckers and fleets alike. This is largely due to the company’s reputation for quality and durability.

The company was founded by T.A. Peterman, who specialized in building logging trucks to navigate the treacherous terrain of the Pacific Northwest. He began rebuilding broken army trucks and improving them with each new truck he made, until he had an arsenal of vehicles capable of navigating the rugged mountain roads.

Today, Peterbilt is a subsidiary of PACCAR, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of medium and heavy-duty trucks piterbilt. The company’s headquarters and main manufacturing facilities are located in Denton, Texas.

As a leading manufacturer of medium and heavy-duty trucks, Peterbilt is a market leader in innovation, durability and customization. The company manufactures and sells these trucks through a network of dealerships in North America.

Peterbilt was established in 1939 by T.A. Peterman, a lumber entrepreneur from Oakland, California who specialized in building logging trucks to battle the rugged mountain roads of the Pacific Northwest. After years of experimenting and acquiring Fageol Motors, he came up with a formula to create rugged, tough trucks that were able to fight the curvaceous, undependable mountain roads, earning them the nickname “better built” trucks.

With a commitment to innovative design and engineering, Peterbilt has produced some of the most iconic trucks in the history of the industry. Designed with the driver in mind, every Peterbilt is built to last.

The company offers a range of technology options, including Collision Mitigation Technology and smart air conditioning systems. Both help make driving a safer experience while also saving fuel.

Whether you’re hauling loads or hauling passengers, a truck should be comfortable and efficient. That’s why all of Peterbilt’s trucks feature industry-leading technologies that maximize safety, performance and uptime.

As a result, these trucks are incredibly fuel efficient and can handle heavy loads with ease. Many models have the option of an automatic transmission, which makes them easy for new drivers to learn and use.

In addition, the latest safety technology is available on all Peterbilt trucks, with features like a Collision Mitigation System and SmartNav that offer GPS navigation, real-time road and vehicle monitoring and more.

When it comes to power, there’s the MX-13 12.9-L engine that delivers 405 to 510 horsepower and 1,450 to 1,850 lb-ft of torque to owners who need the power to tackle their jobs. The common rail system and high-speed exhaust gas recirculation make this engine more fuel efficient while keeping emissions to a minimum, according to Peterbilt.

These engines have a B10 rating of 1 million miles, which means that they are dependable enough to keep up with even the most demanding jobs. They also provide excellent drivability and have an impressive warranty.

The company has also diversified its product line, offering specialty vehicles for specific industries, such as fire trucks and garbage trucks. In the future, Peterbilt hopes to continue its legacy as a pioneer in heavy-duty transportation.