How to Inspire Your Marble Decor Collection

Looking for a special gift? The marble decor collection offers something for everyone. Handcrafted Mexican decor, artisanal black and white marble decor, and Matte finishes are just a few options. The natural beauty of marble and its durability make them practical gifts for a house warming or corporate event. Here are some ideas to inspire your marble decor collection:

Black and white marble

Incorporating Black and White Marble into your decor is a great way to create a luxurious atmosphere. This collection includes several pieces that can be used throughout the home. You can find marble sculptures, wall art, and other decor pieces that can add a splash of color and texture to a room. Because marble is a natural product, it will have slight variations in color and pattern. This collection is made in India and can be used indoors or out.

Hand carved in Mexico

A hand crafted black and white marble chess set is a classic home accessory. The colorful pieces in this decor collection are carved by artisans in Mexico. They make excellent catchalls and are a lovely accent to a bookshelf or other area of the home. Marble is a sturdy material and looks beautiful in any home. Here are some examples of the kinds of marble decor collection pieces available. Whether you choose a large or small chess set, you’re sure to find something that matches your decor.

Matte finish

The Cambria Collection offers an assortment of designs that will complement your interior design scheme. This collection features a wide range of textures and colors that will bring a classic, yet modern, ambiance to your home. You can choose from a variety of edge profiles, as well as fourteen different color variations, to suit the unique ambiance you’re trying to create. The Cambria surfaces also feature a matte finish, allowing you to envision the final product in your room. You can even get true-to-life samples to see exactly how the material will look in your room.

The Matte finish is an excellent choice for countertops in your kitchen, as it gives a slightly less formal look than a glossy or polished surface. It also lends a warmer tone to designs, so homeowners who are interested in a rustic-styled decor style may prefer it. Matte finishes can highlight design details and soften the drama of a room. They look especially beautiful in a country-style kitchen.

Practical gifts for house warmings, inaugurations, and corporate events

If you know a couple that has recently moved, you can choose a gift that embodies their new home’s style. A custom map tray with three square miles surrounding the home’s address is a lovely choice. You can also customize the gift to honor the couple’s last name. A personalized welcome mat is another thoughtful housewarming gift idea. The mat features the couple’s last name, and is available in four different sizes.

For the homeowner who has just moved in, a smart speaker with a Bluetooth connection is a great present. It not only delivers high-quality audio, but also doubles as a hands-free phone. Alternatively, a stylish table clock with Bluetooth capabilities is a great idea. This clock has an alarm clock setting, temperature display, and a wireless Qi charger.