How to Configure an IP Address For Logging in Plesk


How do you anonymize an IP address in Plesk log files? First, we need to configure an logging host. You can do that by following the steps below:

Anonymize IP addresses in log files in Plesk

There are several options in Plesk that allow you to anonymize IP addresses in log files. These settings can also affect the way your server calculates web statistics. You can enable or disable these settings based on your server’s needs. You can learn more about them in the Plesk Administrator Guide. Then, follow the steps to implement them. Once the changes are applied, you should see a success message.

Configure a logging host

The command logging host is used to configure the logging host IP address of a device. This allows the device to send logs to up to eight different channels or hosts. By default, logging messages are informational. The logging host is responsible for determining the severity of the logs. If the severity is higher than informational, a system logging error or alert will be logged. You must set a minimum severity for logging to be considered informational.

X-Forwarded-For (XFF)

In order to use the X-Forwarded-For (XF) header, you must first enable the X-Forwarded-For header on your server. The XFF header contains a comma-separated list of IP addresses, which may be useful for logging purposes. If you’d like to use the XFF header for this page logging purposes, you can do so in the security policy or in the application command center. The XFF header can be added to various logs, such as Threat, Data Filtering, Wildfire Submissions, and Traffic.

Outgoing IP interface

There are several ways to configure the Outgoing IP interface for logging. For example, you can specify the IP address from which syslog messages are generated. By default, syslog messages come from the interface IP. However, if your routing topology changes, your server may receive messages from different IPs. Here are some tips to set up logging for your server. Listed below are some common logging rules.

Configured IP address

Configuring an IP address for logging can be done in ILOM Administration. Click on the Notifications tab and type in the IP address of your Syslog server. Type in the name of the server and select Server 1 or Server 2. Click the Save button to save your changes. Your system should now be configured to use this IP address for logging. You can then continue to monitor your website. If you find that your system is using a different IP address for logging, you can configure a different one for it.