HammondCare Miranda Offers Specialist Dementia Care

If you’re considering a Dementia Care Sydney facility, you have several options. HammondCare Miranda is one such option. The facility is located in Miranda, NSW, and offers services to people living with dementia. The facility’s doctors and nursing staff are trained in dementia and palliative care, and include Dr Martin Kennedy, a specialist in palliative care and dementia. The facility’s Associate Professor of Dementia Care, Andrew Dawson, also has extensive experience in the field.

HammondCare Miranda is a Dementia Care Sydney facility

The dementia care provided at HammondCare Miranda Residential is specialised and compassionate, and offers a homely environment for residents. The care is delivered through a personalised model that takes time to get to know each individual, their family and the needs of their care needs. Its caring and friendly staff are a comforting, familiar presence for residents and their loved ones. The residential model also allows for a sense of independence for the residents, and a sense of belonging is emphasized.

Dr Martin Kennedy is a specialist in palliative care

Dr Martin Kennedy is a palliative care physician and specialist in pain medicine, rehabilitation and elderly care. He has worked in Sydney as a staff specialist at Calvary Hospital and as a VMO in various private hospitals in northern Sydney. Dr Kennedy completed his medical degree at the University of Sydney and has worked in a range of different specialties. He has a particular passion for subacute medicine, and has spent the last 20 years in both the public and private sectors.

Andrew Dawson is Professor of Dementia Care

The University of Sydney has appointed Dr Andrew Dawson Group Homes Australia as Professor of Dementia Care. His research is focused on understanding how to provide better care to people with dementia. He is a senior lecturer in health law and bioethics and is also a clinician at the Prince of Wales Hospital. His special interests include cognitive changes associated with chronic drug abuse and younger people with dementia. He is a member of the NSW Ministry of Health’s Dementia Expert Advisory Group.

Andrew Cole is Associate Professor at the University of New South Wales

Associate Professor Andrew Cole has won the Rosalie Shaw Oration and recently delivered a lecture at the ANZSPM virtual conference. His work has explored the nexus of aging and chemistry. Andrew’s publications span antiquity, the medieval period, and modernity. His recent book, “On the Logic of Aged Care” is particularly timely, given the current state of aging in Australia.

Andrew Cole is a member of several committees for Dementia

As a member of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians’ Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, Associate Professor Andrew Dawson has held numerous roles in education and policy development. He is the former chair of the Fellowship Committee of the College and currently serves on the International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine’s (ISPRM) Education Committee. He also serves as a member of the National Dementia Council of Australia and is a member of several committees in Sydney’s health care community.

Andrew Cole is a Visiting Principal Fellow at the Australian Health Services Research Institute

Dr. Andrew Cole is a Visiting Principal Fellow at the Australian Health Services Research Institute and a renowned sports scientist. He was born in Perth, Western Australia, in 1924, and attended Perth Modern School. From 1942 to 1946, he studied chemistry at the University of Western Australia, graduating with a BSc (Hons) degree. After graduation, he completed a year’s research in Western Australia, and then spent a year studying at St. John’s College, Oxford.