Geomagic Essentials

If you’re looking for a simple way to create rich 3D models of architectural details, geomagic¬†Essentials is for you. The powerful software lets you import and process 3D scan data directly into Geomagic, enabling you to speed up your design workflow. The program also helps you analyze and reverse engineer designs, allowing you to create and refine them without rescanning. You’ll get the most from Geomagic, and enjoy the simplicity and flexibility of its user interface.

3D Systems introduces two new software packages based on the industry-known Geomagic Control X professional platform

The Geomagic Control X professional platform is designed to work natively with 3D scan data and is optimized to work with portable CMMs and 3D scanners. The Geomagic Control X Essentials edition is the most affordable edition, geared toward companies that want to get started with scan-based inspection. Geomagic Design Direct integrates live scan data processing, CAD design, assembly construction, and 2D drawing creation into one easy-to-use application.

Geomagic Design Direct, formerly known as Geomagic Spark, is a powerful reverse engineering tool that seamlessly integrates with CAD software. The new version provides easier 3D mesh alignment, an intuitive preview of solids before fitting, and support for additional scanners. Geomagic Verify, formerly known as Rapidform XOV, gives users the ability to inspect first articles using a variety of scanners. This software also has improved data management and a new, simplified airfoil analysis tool.

Auto Surfacing feature of Geomagic Design X

With the Auto Surfacing feature of Geomagic Design, you no longer have to re-create the surface of an object in multiple steps. The software will automatically fit surface patches onto a mesh and generate a surface body. It is fully compatible with several scan data formats. This program has automated batch processing macros to process massive mesh and point cloud data. It is also capable of handling millions of points and allows you to create surfaces from various combinations of input.

The software’s Auto Surfacing feature captures the as-built NURBS geometry and blends the automatically created surfaces with solid-modeled features in a seamless fashion. It also has tools that enable reverse engineering, which is used by leading manufacturers. With this tool, you can quickly and easily capture the original design intent and recreate it. Moreover, you can reuse the scanned data and create new parts using them.

Scan to CAD natively with Geomagic Control X Essentials

The Geomagic Control X Essentials 3D scanning software enables you to process data from portable probing devices. With Geomagic Control X Essentials, anyone can measure, compare, and make decisions about parts. CAD data import is seamless, and you can import PMI and GD&T data as well. The software includes a new, redesigned user interface, easy workflows, and enhanced features.

Scan to CAD functionality is a key component of Geomagic Design X. Its robust feature set includes automatic and guided solid model extraction, exact surface fitting for organic scans, mesh editing, and point-cloud processing. The software works with all major scanning hardware and software including portable CRMs. It can even be integrated into the SOLIDWORKS environment to support the design and manufacturing process.