EV Charging Stations for Business

EV chargers for business are becoming more commonplace as electric vehicle (EV) adoption continues to rise nationwide. Businesses, shopping centers, parking garages and apartment complexes that offer EV charging stations can boost revenue by either charging drivers per charge or billing them for the amount of time they keep their car hooked up to the EV charger.

Adding EV charging stations can boost foot traffic for property managers of commercial properties and increase employee satisfaction and loyalty. Many companies that offer EV charging also offer a variety of benefits to employees and customers, such as discounted products and services.

There are a variety of hardware options for EV chargers, with some providers offering a turnkey solution that includes installation and ongoing management and maintenance. These vendors can provide hardware from a range of leading OCPP-compliant manufacturers, including ABB, Eaton, Delta Electronics and Siemens. Some EV charging companies also offer a suite of software tools for managing the flow of data, including C02 savings, kWh-usage and energy costs. These tools can be used to optimize operational efficiency, manage budgets and enhance the value of data insights for businesses and property owners alike.

For a number of businesses, including airports ev charging stations for business and restaurants, providing EV charging is an opportunity to promote their commitment to sustainability. These sites often have a large captive audience that can be targeted with targeted messaging to encourage EV use.

Many employers have already begun to monetize their EV charging station by offering free workplace charging for employees, who may need to charge their EV during the workday. Some companies have even implemented policies that require employees to register their EVs with the company in order to access chargers. This helps to ensure that all EVs using the charger are counted and makes it easier for managers to monitor usage and cost-savings.

As more and more people transition to EVs, their preference for locations that offer charging will become increasingly important. EV drivers will seek out destinations and routes that include public EV chargers, making it critical for businesses to offer this service if they want to compete. Many EV chargers are operated by third-party service providers, with each implementing their own business model.

Some charging service providers, such as EVgo, lean towards a fee-based model that can help to offset the expense of operating and maintaining the chargers. However, it is important for businesses to understand how much they will need to charge to attract EV drivers to their locations and whether a fee-based approach is financially feasible.

Regardless of the business model chosen, it is important for property and business owners to find an experienced EV charging service provider that can assess their location and recommend which chargers and software are most suitable. They should also be able to help navigate the process of applying for federal tax credits, which can significantly reduce costs. Choosing a turnkey EV charging service provider like EVBox can make this process simpler and more affordable for businesses.