Email Verification APIs

Email verification is a simple, yet critical component of any email marketing campaign. It helps improve mailing efficiency and identifies possible problems before the ESP (email service provider) sends out emails. This helps minimize bounce rates and ensure a high conversion rate. In addition to helping you get better results, it also improves your reputation as a reliable and trustworthy sender.

Several APIs provide email verification. One of the best is WhoisXML, which offers detailed validation in real time. The WhoisXML API supports more than 2000 service providers and checks typos, disposable email addresses, spam traps, and more. These services can be a great way to keep your email database clean and up to date.

An open source email verification API, Reacher, is designed to run in less than a second. This API is written in performant Rust and takes just 1.9 seconds to complete a real-time email verification. You can choose to use it for single or bulk verification. Additionally, Reacher also provides JavaScript SDKs for bulk verification.

A real-time email verification API can help you collect higher-quality, deliverable email addresses. As a result, you can increase your engagement, generate more sales, and avoid email blocklists. Another benefit of using this tool is that it works across multiple points of the customer journey.

Verifying email is a critical part of marketing, especially for enterprise-level senders. Many companies rely on this tool to make sure they’re sending messages to people who want to receive them. With¬† email verification this tool, you can easily download verified results and access the full report through your client area. Also, you can segment the results based on the deliverable addresses.

While email is an important part of your digital marketing efforts, you don’t want to risk your reputation. Sending emails to invalid addresses can damage your reputation, and can even lead to blacklisting from ISPs and ESPs. Therefore, it’s important to clean your list of invalid addresses as often as possible.

Email verification can help you identify which of your contacts have a problem and should be discarded. Using an email verification tool to do this can reduce your costs and mailing efficiency. By identifying problem addresses ahead of time, you can eliminate a lot of unnecessary work and increase your sender reputation.

The WhoisXML API can also provide valuable insights on your sender’s email identity. Having a trusted sender will improve the quality of your marketing campaigns. If you’re sending a notification about a security breach, for instance, it’s a good idea to use an email that you can be assured is from a real person.

Some companies opt for a combination of these methods for the most reliable results. For example, you can use a real-time email verification API to collect valuable email addresses and send out a campaign that’s a little bit more personalized. Moreover, by implementing an email verification tool, you can be sure that you’re sending emails to only the most genuine, active users.